Me: I’m the person who features most in these posts. I can’t help it. I just happen to be the main character in my life. I always see things from first person limited. You can find out more about me on the About page.

Oliver: My employer. Both my boss, and the owner of Café Italia. Super nice guy. He was my manager a couple of years ago at Al’s.

Reese: My current boyfriend. We also met and worked together at Al’s Grocery Store.

Resident Crazy: This is a regular customer we have come in who is not quite all there. She’s obviously got some mental problems, she comes in at least once each day, and she drives us crazy. When reading about her, picture someone who never breaks eye contact and speaks loudly…always. She has her own category, so you can read an entire history of her shenanigans.

French Onion Soup (FOS): A regular customer who hates onions, but thinks she’s an expert on soup.


Al’s Grocery Store: A well known Canadian grocery store where I was employed until October 2013. I worked the deli/seafood department.

Café Italia: The small café where I’m currently employed. It’s a 2 person operation at the moment, me and Oliver. The café is located in a medical building, and most of our customers come from the building. To give you a sense of how small we are, we only have 6 tables, and a total of 22 chairs.

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