FOS vs. Gravy Fries

In further FURTHER adventures of the French onion soup lady (FOS)…
I said that the food preferences of this woman are a mystery. I revise that statement. The BRAIN of this woman is a mystery.
A week ago, she called Oliver and asked for an egg salad sandwich. Over the break, Oliver, who hates egg salad, decided to remove it from the menu. He told her this and she ordered something else.
Today,¬†she called, and I answered. I recognized her voice, and was really surprised when she ordered… an egg salad sandwich!
This wouldn’t be really that big a deal (maybe she forgot?) if it weren’t for that fact that this woman is a repeat offender. We don’t offer gravy with our fries, even though the previous owner did. Oliver told FOS “no gravy” when he opened NINE months ago. Since then, up until as recently as two weeks before Christmas, she asks at least once a month: “Do you guys have gravy?”

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