FOS vs. French Onion Soup

There’s a woman, whom we shall deem French Onion Soup Lady (FOS), who works in the medical building where Café Italia is located. She comes down to eat often and always orders the same thing: a panini and a salad. A couple of weeks before Christmas, she told Oliver that he should make French onion soup. This was kind of an odd request because she always specifies no onions for her salad OR her panini. But Oliver, ever the accommodating guy, made French onion soup for her one week and then waited for her to come down and order it. Which she didn’t. We were both baffled. Why would FOS specifically request French onion soup and then not order it? She even asked what the soup was and the proceeded to order her usual. Oliver decided not to make the soup again, because it really hadn’t sold at all. He’d only made it for this one woman.

This past week, FOS stopped by early in the morning for a coffee. As she was paying, she start chatting with Oliver and told him, “You really should make French onion soup.” Oliver is not one to be accusatory, even though he had MADE the soup already, so he asked politely, “You like French onion soup?” “Oh no,” she replied, “I don’t like onions. But people in this building love that soup!”

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