Introducing Resident Crazy

We have a regular customer who isn’t quite all there mentally. Let’s call her Resident Crazy. She often tells us she has less money than the price of her items. Oliver always tells her she can come back and pay it off tomorrow, but we both know she’s trying to scam him or her boyfriend into paying the difference, because the money always magically appears eventually.
Today, she tried to buy a coffee.
Oliver said “That¬†will be $1.60.”
She countered with, “I only have 1.50.”
“That’s OK, you can pay me the 10 cents tomorrow,” he told her.
Then she broke out with what I think is the strangest line I have ever heard a customer tell an owner.
She said, “I can’t be paying you all the time, y’know.” (The same way someone might say “I can’t be clearing your dishes off the table all the time, y’know” or something similar.) As if she was paying him as a FAVOUR!
Later, he said to me “Seriously? Is she for real?”
But at the time, he smiled and said, “Sure. I give to you for free!”
And she replied, “OK!”
And then he went stone faced and coldly said “It’s $1.60.”
Surprise! She had the money. She paid.

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