Knocking on Wood Doesn’t Work

I made a BIG mistake today.
We were closing up for the day, I had five minutes left of my shift, and I said to Oliver, “Hey, Resident Crazy hasn’t come in today!”
Oliver said “Oh, no, don’t say that. The day isn’t over yet.”
Me: “Don’t worry, I’ll knock on wood for you.” I ran around, found a wooden tray, and knocked on it. “See, there we go, I knocked on wood, you’re all good.”
Literally, at that exact second, Resident Crazy knocked on the door (don’t ask why, the door was open) and then walked in. Oliver didn’t see her right away, so I said to him “I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry!” He looked super confused, and then he looked towards the door, and he said “Good job, Anna. You ruined it!”


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