Launching Into Space

One of our semi-regulars came in and started chatting with Oliver. Now this lady is a little annoying, because she never shuts up, but normally, she seems at least sane. On this occasion, however, I began to suspect that she might be a closet conspiracy theorist. She started ranting about how she had seen a program on TV about sending people into space, and how they were going to send ALL of us to space. And she was declaring how she didn’t want to go.Then she came around to me to pay. She said, “did you hear what I was saying? You’re young. They’re going to send you first!” I sort of thought she meant that space travel would be possible, so I shook my head and said “no, I’d be too scared, I definitely wouldn’t go.”
“Well, you wouldn’t have a choice,” she announced. “You’d have to go.” All of this was said completely seriously, without a hint of smile.
Uhm, right. They’re going to spend billions of dollars to load up all the young people onto space crafts and launch us into the middle of nothing. Seems plausible.
Why do we get all the crazies?

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