We need to start offering bibs…

So this little old man comes in today and orders some food: a rice ball with marinara sauce and a Greek salad with dressing.

I bring him a fork and a napkin. Little old man tucks the napkin into his shirtfront like a gentleman. Unfortunately, when he comes to the counter to order an ice cream, I see that the single napkin was ineffective at preventing him from spilling food and dressing all down the front of his shirt.
I think he needed more napkins….or a bib :/


Putting on Socks

Our oldest regular, a spry 90 year old, was in today. With her eagle sharp eyes, she noticed from across the room that I was wearing mismatched socks (and they were ankle socks too, so barely visible).

After calling me on it, she decided to have some fun.

90: Anna, come here!

Me: yeah, what’s up?

90: what time did you get up this morning

Me: 10, why?

90: Are you sure you didn’t get up at midnight? Are you sure you didn’t grope around blindly in the dark? Are you sure you were fully awake when you put on those socks?

Cheeky! Regulars like her make the job a little brighter :)


I’m searching for a router on Kijiji. Find a cheap one with no details except that its a router and fire off a message.

Me: Hi, is your router still available? Also, could you give me some more details on it?

Him: Yeah, the router is still available. Not much to tell. It works.

Me: I meant more like specs. Can you tell me what product it is? And is it Wireless N, G, or B?

Him: You’ve got too much time on your hands buddy, and I don’t…

Can I just say: what. an. Idiot. This guy would sell a cellphone by saying “Cell Phone for sale. It can make calls and stuff.” I hope his router never gets sold and he has to walk around with this piece of junk for eighty years.


Cafés Hate This Woman! Find Out Her Secret!

This little old lady sat in our café reading a newspaper and sipping her coffee. When she was finished, she slowly got up, folding the newspaper as she went. Then I watched as she shuffled, almost in slow motion, towards to the garbage can. Gingerly, she shoved the paper through the swinging lid into the pile of trash. I could barely suppress my laughter as she waved goodbye and tottered out.

Welp, I guess only one person got to read the newspaper today.