Pranks Turned Sour

So Reese is a man of many tricks, and he often manages to play pranks on me. But today the pranker was the prankee: I came up to Reese while he was sitting on the couch and kissed him passionately (sorry, mom). He responded in kind, which was exactly what I had been hoping for. You see, there’s a candy called Toxic Waste which is hailed to be the sourest candy on earth. And when I kissed Reese, I happened to have a Toxic Waste stowed in my cheek. When Reese responded to my kiss, I shoved the Toxic Waste into his mouth. He reeled away in surprise, his eyes squeezed shut, and his mouth puckered as the sour hit him full force. He hadn’t been expecting it at all and it took him a couple minutes to recover, but when he did, he was laughing. The perfect prank.

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