Resident Crazy + Breakfast

Oliver told me this story:
Yesterday morning, Resident Crazy came in for breakfast.
Oliver:”What do you want?”
Resident Crazy: “I want two eggs and bacon!”
Oliver: “Resident Crazy, look at our menu. We don’t do that kind of breakfast. We have breakfast sandwiches and omelettes.” (Oliver hates making a traditional breakfast. I have no idea why, but it doesn’t really matter: After Christmas, we stopped serving it.)
Resident Crazy: “I want TWO EGGS AND BACON!”
Oliver shook his head, and said “We can’t do that. Let me know what you want.”
Resident Crazy went into a sulk, and Oliver went back to whatever he was doing. Another customer came in, Oliver asked him what he wanted, and then he started making it for the gentleman.
Resident Crazy saw this and screamed “Where’s my¬†breakfast!”
Apparently, she thought he had gone back to make the breakfast she had demanded, even though he’d already told her no.
What alternate universe is she living in?

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