Sketchy Tea

Today a woman came in and ordered a tea (and a frittatta). We serve a kind of gourmet, locally made type tea that comes in clear tea bags. When she got the tea, she wanted to know what the white bits in her tea bag were. (Its tea!!!). Of course, Oliver and I don’t make tea, so we had no idea. Oliver talked to her and she seemed to come┬áto terms with the white bits, but she still wanted a new cup of tea, and ‘put two tea bags in it.’ Both of the new teabags had white bits in them, and she didn’t seem to notice, so why she needed a new cup is beyond me but it doesn’t matter because once she actually tried the tea, she hated it, and went to get a coffee instead. She poured milk in her coffee, sat down, and then got up again five minutes later because her coffee was too cold ( you put milk in it!!!). So I microwaved it for her. While she was waiting for the microwave, she looked at the muffins and wanted to know what flavours they were. When I told her the banana muffins had chocolate chips in them, she asked ‘ALL of them?’ And I said yes.
‘I hate it when they do that,’ she griped. I didn’t apologize. We are a small business. We don’t sell enough muffins to put out five different kinds.

The only upside was she gave me a decent tip. I guess she knew she was being annoying, and figured the best thing to do was compensate for it financially. I’m certainly not complaining (about the tip that is :P)

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