Stolen Goods

So uh, in the past two weeks, one of my only pairs of shoes and my bike have both been stolen. Ouch. On the flip side, my OSAP came in, and I’m filthy “rich”. So I guess the joke’s on the robbers: they can have my smelly old shoes and my clunky falling apart bike. I’m definitely using this as a fantastic excuse to go SHOPPING!

Good Comebacks

Good comebacks never occur to you until after the moment as passed. As I was biking down a quiet side street, I couldn’t help wondering why there was an old man walking in the bike lane on the opposite side of the street. I think he noticed me looking, because as I passed, he said snidely, “Forgot your helmet?” I replied somewhat lamely “I don’t have one.” Five seconds later, when my chance had passed, it occurred to me that what I should have said instead was “Couldn’t find the sidewalk?”