36 Years of Love

I spent this past week working with Oliver’s mother-in-law, Leda(while Oliver slung pizzas in Vegas!). She and her sweet husband Paul would come in every day to help keep me from collapsing in on myself like a dying star under the weight of the lunch rush. Usually, Paul would open the place for me, and then swing by around 11 to drop Leda off. He was always really nice and offered to¬†get me anything I needed, and Leda was cheerful and great with the customers. But it was their relationship with each other that I really appreciated. Based on some dates Leda mentioned during the week, I can confidently say that they had been married for at least 36 years (but probably more). Even so, today, Leda asked Paul for something, and when he handed it over, she said “Thanks babe.” And every time he dropped her off, he made sure to get a goodbye kiss before he left.
It gives me good feels that after 36 years of marriage, they still felt and showed such affection for each other.