36 Years of Love

I spent this past week working with Oliver’s mother-in-law, Leda(while Oliver slung pizzas in Vegas!). She and her sweet husband Paul would come in every day to help keep me from collapsing in on myself like a dying star under the weight of the lunch rush. Usually, Paul would open the place for me, and then swing by around 11 to drop Leda off. He was always really nice and offered to get me anything I needed, and Leda was cheerful and great with the customers. But it was their relationship with each other that I really appreciated. Based on some dates Leda mentioned during the week, I can confidently say that they had been married for at least 36 years (but probably more). Even so, today, Leda asked Paul for something, and when he handed it over, she said “Thanks babe.” And every time he dropped her off, he made sure to get a goodbye kiss before he left.
It gives me good feels that after 36 years of marriage, they still felt and showed such affection for each other.


Do You Know What A Cappuccino Is?

Customer: Can I get a cappuccino? I heard your cappuccinos are really good.

We start to get it ready, when suddenly, he interprets us.

Customer: Does it have milk in it?

Oliver and I  exchange looks.

Oliver: Uh? Yes.

Customer: Oh, I can’t drink milk.  I’ll just get a coffee then.

What on earth does he think a cappuccino is??


To Heal or Sue?

Today a customer put her bag on the back of her chair and then sat down. Unfortunately, our chairs aren’t very sturdy, so the combined weight of herself plus the bag sent the chair in a full tilt backwards. The customer sailed backwards, crashing onto her back, where she was immediately surrounded by concerned customers and Oliver. The collapse looked spectacular but the customer was fine, and was soon back in her seat, backpack moved to another chair.
As we got back to work, I remarked to Oliver, “It’s a really good thing we work in a building full of doctors and not lawyers!”


Postage Purchase Necessary

Yesterday, I stopped by a Tims on my way to the bus stop. I knew my bus was coming soon, so I was in a bit of a hurry. As I was waiting for the fellow serving me to bring my drink, I overheard the woman next to me having an exchange with her server. He was a young guy, probably still in high school, who looked confused and uncertain about what to do. Poor guy, I felt for him, I’d been there before.
Meanwhile, the woman was going on about how the Timmie’s servers HAD to give her a Roll Up the Rim cup. She demanded it, saying that the contest said “No Purchase Necessary” which, she said, meant that anyone who could just walk into a Tim’s and ask for a cup. The cashiers obviously knew they couldn’t just give this woman a cup, but weren’t sure how to tell her to get lost. As I received my drink, I turned to her and said “NO, that’s not how it works. If you want to participate for free, you have to go online.” Then I turned and walked out the door (because I knew my bus was coming and I had to hightail it out of there). As I left, I could hear her continue to argue with the clerk.
As it turns out, I was wrong. I looked it up after I got home, and in reality, you CAN participate offline. All you have to do is buy postage, and mail the Tim Horton’s headquarters, asking to participate. SNAIL MAIL in.
Regardless of my incorrectness, I was correct in one way. Just because a contest says “No Purchase Necessary”, doesn’t mean you can just walk in and demand a cup. I hate that this woman was so willing to read the “No Purchase Necessary” part, but couldn’t be bothered to research the rest of the details on how to play. It’s not that hard to find out, and arguing with a confused high schooler about the rules of a contest HE didn’t make up makes you look pretty pathetic.


Refund My Bad Tastes

Oliver told me about a customer who came in, ordered one of the croissants, took a bite and didn’t like it, and then complained. He gave her a refund.
A) everyone loves our croissants, what?!
B) does anyone else think that this is kind of weird? I mean, there was nothing wrong with the croissant. The woman just didn’t like the taste. Personally, if I order something new from somewhere or if I buy a new flavour of soft drink etc., and I hate it, I don’t return it. I make a mental note not to buy it next time. Am I the only one? Is it normal to complain about a flavour?