Resident Crazy + Pregnant Lady

It was an exciting day at work today.
When I showed up, Oliver was in an especially bad mood. It turns out, Resident Crazy was in, and she was up to shenanigans. She apparently showed him that she had a five dollar bill, but then tried to refuse to pay, insisting that she would pay tomorrow. Oliver is a nice guy, and if you’ve got money problems, he’ll let you pay tomorrow. But if you’re holding money right now, and you’re refusing to pay, he’s not taking that from you. After all, he is running a business.
I guess she paid up, but he firmly told me that from now on, she HAS to pay for everything before she eats it.
Then, Resident Crazy continued her reign of terror by STARING at a pregnant lady. By staring, I mean, twisting all the way around on in her chair, so that she was practically backwards, and just gazing at her (I think she finds pregnancy fascinating). She tried to engage the pregnant lady in conversation, but the woman, aside from a couple of polite replies, wasn’t having it, and clearly just wanted to read her magazine in peace. I didn’t want this poor woman to have a bad experience because Resident Crazy couldn’t stop staring at her, so I started chatting with not-quite-all-there customer. Every time our customer tried to turn and stare at the pregnant customer, I diverted her attention. This went on for half an hour, until the pregnant woman left. I felt like a dancing, singing monkey the whole time, trying to divert the attention of a child.
And then there was hot dog lady (who I’ll mention in the next post, for brevity’s sake)
And finally, on my way out there door, I passed a real life convict, in handcuffs and an actual orange jump suit, just chillin’ with two correctional officers. Surreal.