Resident Crazy + The Calendar

When Lena, Oliver’s mother-in-law, was working with me a couple of weeks ago, we saw a lot of Resident Crazy. Lena is a wonderful woman, and much much more patient than I am, and Resident Crazy absolutely adores her.

One day that week, Resident Crazy pranced in with one of those free recipe calendars. “Look what I have!” she told us. Then she did something completely out of character, and gave the calendar to Lena. At first, this seemed like unusual generosity on Resident Crazy’s part and I was surprised. But typically, it took a nose-dive back into inappropriate behaviour pretty quickly. Resident Crazy insisted that Lena write down her birthday (Resident Crazy’s) in the calendar. Lena willingly did so, and even wrote down Resident Crazy’s boyfriend’s birthday too. Then Resident Crazy asked eagerly “What are you gonna get me? For my birthday?!”
Lena looked her dead in the eye and said firmly, “I’m not getting you anything. I’ll send you a card.”
She’s nice and kind, but no one takes advantage of Lena!

Epilogue: I worked with Lena today, and Resident Crazy came in. She started blabbing about how she and Lena had the same birthday month. When she left, I asked Lena which month Resident Crazy said her birthday was in. Lena said July. Oh,” I said. “Resident Crazy’s birthday is in November. Oliver bought her a cake and everything last year….”

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!