A Good Friday Sin

This story happens in a bathroom. I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is.
After the Good Friday service, I went to use the washroom. As I entered the bathroom stall, I pulled my gigantic phone out of my tiny coat pocket. The phone was squeezed in so tight that when I pulled it out, a fat loonie popped out too. The loonie clattered LOUDLY to the floor and skidded under the neighbouring stall. It was still visible, but I really didn’t want to reach down and get it, because I felt like that would be a teeny bit awkward for the person in the next stall. So I figured I’d just sort of stand there, wait for the other person to leave the stall, and then retrieve the loonie really quickly. After a brief pause, while I stood around in a bathroom stall, no big deal, the tip of a foot appeared. The foot surreptitiously stamped down on the loonie, and slid it away. A couple of seconds later, the owner of the foot left the stall.
Oh, ok, I thought, they could have kicked it back to me but that’s cool, I guess they’ll wait for me to get out of the stall.
So I finished up my business really quickly, and exited the stall. The bathroom was empty. It was a deserted wasteland. A tumbleweed rolled by. I calmly washed my hands and checked my hair. I was kind of laughing to myself, but I wanted to give this mystery person one last chance to return the dollar. They didn’t.
So THAT is the story of how someone STOLE my loonie, ON Good Friday, IN church!! (I thought it was hilarious)