That’s also not a Stereotype

Our favourite, probably crazy doctor was in today. A quick recap, this woman thinks they’re going to launch us all into space.

Today was another day of her chatting at us nonstop. She was on a different track today. Instead of insane, she was going for stereotypes. She started by asking Oliver if he was Italian. He said yes. She then starting blabbing about how she needed her tiles done, and that she had to find someone Italian or Portuguese because that was their specialty. She seemed to think that Oliver or a relative of his would be an excellent tiler (Oliver is a chef, for goodness sakes). Then she continued by stating that you can’t get just one guy to tile things, you’ve got to get 4. Because, as she said, at least one of them will try to cheat you. Or something to that effect. I think. That’s the other thing. She’s chattering on and on, and she’s almost whispering, so over the radio and the noises of the kitchen, not only is she stereotyping but¬†she’s stereotyping really really softly, so that in a state of helpless “I-cant-hear-most-of-what-you’re-sayingness, I ended up just smiling, nodding and hoping that she’ll stop talking. Who knows how many rude and politically incorrect things I ended up agreeing with!

That’s Not a Stereotype

Yesterday, I had coffee with a friend. She told me how she had dropped her phone in the toilet and I asked her if she put it in rice. This was her response: “Well, you see, people put their phone in rice and the rice attracts Asian people. Then the Asian people climb into your house through your chimney and eat all your cookies and the rice and then they take your phone and fix it. But since I’m already Asian, that doesn’t work for me! So no, I did not put my phone in rice.”
My dear friend, you are hilarious!