Wheat Allergy Part 1

Today, a woman asked me if she could order the only wrap we had left. As I took it out of the display case and went to cut it, she pointed to all the paninis and said ‘I can’t eat those because they have wheat in them.’ Confused, I told her the wrap was also made of wheat.
She said ‘but not too much wheat, right?’
I don’t know very much about how wraps are made, and I didn’t want to be responsible for this woman’s sickness (or death) because she’d eaten a wrap, so I said helplessly ‘it’s made with wheat.’
Finally, she decided to get the soup instead. While she was deciding, Oliver grabbed the wrap and put it back in the display case.
‘Ok, so you’ll have the soup?’ I asked.
‘Yes,’ she said, and then turned and pointed at the wrap that Oliver had just put back and said, ‘but what about that wrap there, does that¬†wrap have wheat?’